US Mexico Border Assembly Plant

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our low cost manufacturing plant, Exportaciones Diaz, S. A. "EDISA". After 35 years of experience, we are happy to report that our maquiladora assembly plant is well established in the El Paso - Ciudad Juarez area. In conjunction with our manufacturing facilites in Mexico we work with our management assembly plant in the United States, El Paso Electro Assembly, Ltd. This enables us to coordinate movement between our U.S. customers and the actual assembly work in Cd. Juarez.

Outsourcing Manufacturing Assembly

As you known, it's important to understand what a manufacturing assembly plant offers when considering "outsourcing" to any country. To that end, EDISA provides a great shelter program since we deliver a fully staffed facility capable of handling a wide array of assembly workflows. Additionally, we transport finished products to the U.S. border and ship them for distribution. The unique location and proximity of the El Paso Juarez Borderplex facilitates the transportation and distribution of finished goods, which can significantly reduce transportation costs. The Shelter Program allows you to save, on average, $25,000 a year per employee.

If you are interested in learning more and hearing a detailed explanation of the Shelter Program's operation, we are more than happy to schedule a meeting with your organization. In fact, we can schedule a presentation at our U.S. office or yours. Please contact us to learn more.

US Assembly Plant

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